Prescriptive Equipment Rebates

Commercial Prescriptive Equipment Rebates help business customers offset the cost of high efficiency natural gas equipment and save money every month with lower utility bills. These rebates are available for contractor-installed high efficiency commercial water heating, space heating, kitchen and laundry equipment.

To begin your application for space and water heating rebates or commercial kitchen equipment rebates, please see the list below.

Prescriptive Equipment Category (field_prescriptive_category)

Space Heating

Equipment Size Efficient Criteria Incentive
Water Boiler > 300 MBH ≥ 83% AFUE $0.90/therm
Steam Boiler > 300 MBH ≥ 81% AFUE $0.90/therm
Furnace Up to 225 MBH CEE Tier 1 $400
Furnace Up to 225 MBH CEE Tier 2 $600